Downpour Needed, But Not Enough

Downpour Nice, Not Enough

WINNIPEG - Manitoba finally got a decent amount of rain - but farmers say it won’t be enough for the province’s harvest to recover.

A Monday evening storm brought 50.9 mm of rain to Brandon, around 45 mm to Neepawa and Falcon Lake, and, in Winnipeg, anywhere between 19.4 mm at the airport and 30.6 mm at the Forks.

Environment Canada says more rain is coming this evening. We certainly need it: There are 154 active wildfires in Manitoba, with 13 of which are considered out of control. Severe drought has led to several states of emergency, and the harvest has been ruined for farmers across the province.

But temperatures are expected to heat up by Sunday, with more dry conditions and highs of 30.

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