$10 A Day Daycare In Manitoba

$10 Daycare In Manitoba

WINNIPEG - The Manitoba government says it’s working with the federal government to provide Manitobans with $10 a day for daycare per child.

Manitoba Families Minister Rochelle Squires says the province will get $240 million per year for five years as part of an agreement to provide the funding for children 6 and under. It's expected to result in savings of around $3,900 annually for each child.

The plan to provide accessible child care will depend on an increase in the number of child care spaces as demand is expected to increase. Manitoba Minister of Families Rochelle Squires says the funds will also be used to create 23,000 new early learning and child care spots across the province, and extend hours for children whose parents work evening shifts.

“Manitoba negotiated an Early Learning and Child Care Agreement focused on the specific needs and circumstances of Manitoba working families,” Squires says. It builds on our own government’s increased investments for more spaces and better access by low-income families to needed child care.”

The federal government’s child care plan will cost $30 billion to establish across the country. Federal Minister of Families Ahmed Hussen says it may not be fully implemented from coast to coast until 2023.

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