COVID-19 - Up One, Down One - Holds at 20

COVID-19 - Up One, Down One

WINNIPEG - Another case of COVID-19 has been identified, however a previous case has now been ruled, out keeping the total number of cases in Manitoba at 20.

The newest probable positive case is a man in his 50s who lives in Winnipeg. At this time, the public health investigation indicates the case is related to travel. Information about flights where a person with a lab-confirmed case of COVID-19 had symptoms at the time of travel are updated as information becomes available at

Public health officials are strongly advising all Manitobans, including health-care providers, to cancel or postpone any non-essential travel. This includes international travel and travel within Canada. There should be no recreational, tourist or non-essential personal travel. In addition, effective immediately, public health officials are recommending that anyone who returns from travel, either international or domestic, should self-isolate and self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days following their return.

This recommendation does not include:

  • the commercial transportation of goods and services;
  • workers, including health-care workers who live in a neighbouring jurisdiction and travel to Manitoba for work; or
  • normal personal travel in border communities including visits to a cottage.
  • If symptoms develop during the 14-day self-isolation or self-monitoring period, contact Health Links– Info Santé to determine if testing for COVID-19 should be considered. In cases where testing is not recommended but symptoms are present, stay home (self-isolate) until well.

    Health officials are reminding physicians, health-care providers and support staff returning from travel they MUST self-identify to their organization/site’s occupational health services.

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