CAA Pauses House Calls

CAA Pauses House Calls

WINNIPEG - Manitoba’s massive chill is making a major mark on car batteries - especially those without block heaters - and CAA Manitoba says their high call volumes and wait times have forced them to temporarily suspend home boosts so they can focus on drivers already on the road and stranded.

The association says it needs to focus on providing roadside assistance, as motorists across the province face unsafe driving conditions. They’ve also put a pause on vehicle battery sales and testing. Recent days have seen as many as 1,200 rescues, while members have had to wait nearly 90 minutes on average. CAA members who need a boost at home can, however, reach out to a third party service provider, and send the automobile advocacy club a receipt for reimbursement to get a CAA-member rate.

Manitoba is under an extreme cold warning, and wind chill values are sitting at -40 or colder. Environment Canada says the frigid temperatures across the province will likely continue all week as northern parts of the prairies have reached as low as -49.9 C.

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