Bridge Grant Expanded

Bridge Grant Expanded

WINNIPEG - The provincial government says it’s not only extending but also expanding a program intended to help businesses that have been impacted by public health orders that have been enacted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finance Minister Scott Fielding says the Manitoba Bridge Grant Program is opening up to applicants who weren’t able to apply before the previous March 31 deadline, and will now offer support to companies that operate seasonally as well. With the expanded criteria, the program will provide around $5 million more to businesses across the province.

The Bridge Grant makes up to $5,000 available to not-for-profits and charities as well as store-front and home-based small and medium-sized businesses. So far it’s provided over $291 million to more than 15,000 such organizations since November 2020.

Manitoba has also given nearly 1,800 restaurants a $2,000 top-up to offset the cost of food waste. The province is extending that program and opening it to new applicants as well, with around 600 businesses that provide food service, including as hotels, lodges, and bars, automatically set to receive their top-up money this coming Friday.

The province is inviting non-profit and businesses leaders to confirm their organization is eligible and apply for the Bridge Grant online. The application deadline to apply is July 16.

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