Breaking News Alerts

Breaking News Alerts

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Post continues to work each day at becoming your trusted media source in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Now, keeping up to date with breaking news while you're on the move is simple with the Manitoba Post Breaking News Alerts.

All you need to do is register is click the link below.

We will only send details of breaking news stories, we do NOT share your information with any organization. We know and respect how important privacy is to our supporters and our team of journalists.

We're proud to be 100% independent and locally owned. Your support is necessary to help us grow and continue to be independent. It's no secret, advertising money is necessary to help our team do what we do, we have bills to pay no different than you. However, most companies spend their money with the large media organization owned and directed out of Toronto.

Your support of our of us and our team is very appreciated. Please help us grow, sign-up for Breaking News Alerts, like us on Facebook, tell your friends to follow us on Twitter and please, visit our homepage every day, it helps us greatly.

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