Ask a Winnipeg Airport Goldwing Ambassador

Ask a Goldwing Ambassador

WINNIPEG, MB. - Volunteering is an invaluable part of the inviting atmosphere that defines our airport. The best example of this is our Goldwing Ambassadors.

Now in its twentieth year and with more than 300,000 volunteer hours since the program began in 1997, the Goldwings have been an integral part of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport for a long time. Their smiles, information and welcoming conversations are part of what helps this airport feel like a home. They’re easy to spot in their trademark gold blazers, which make an impression as sterling as the people wearing it.

The Goldwing volunteers help travellers with directions and information when they arrive at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. Above all, they strive to be as welcoming and friendly as our airport, city and region!

The success of the program over the years has helped it grow from about 25 volunteers to more than 100. In addition, they can help with translation services and connect you to the people and places you need in order to make your trip go smoothly. They collectively speak more than 15 languages, and are truly global in every sense of the word. With stories to tell and conversations to have, you can count on them to put a smile on your face. You might even get some behind-the-scenes information about the airport!

See them in action next time you stop by the airport, and you’ll get a hand you didn’t know you needed.

Dorothy Dobbie for the Manitoba Post

Photo supplied by The Hub Magazine

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