Acute In-Person Visits Allowed

Acute In-Person Visits Allowed

WINNIPEG - Provincial health officials are now allowing acute care patients to select one essential care partner to provide psychological, emotional, or physical support in person, in addition to virtual connection options.

Shared Health Chief Nursing Officer Lanette Siragusa says the updated guidelines are based on new policies recommended by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. Siragusa says the benefits include having someone on hand to help with insight into a patient's medical history or decision making, language interpretation and other communication needs, as well as support for critically ill or injured patients, as well as those experiencing labour and delivery. Siragusa emphasises an essential care partner isn’t there to just socialize.

With nearly 20 COVID-19 outbreaks at Manitoba hospitals, Siragusa says, while they may need to keep visitation to a minimum to avoid more spread, it’s important the health care system is ensuring access to and involvement of loved ones and caregivers.

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