Access Awareness Week

Access Awareness Week

WINNIPEG - It’s Manitoba Access Awareness Week, and the government of Manitoba says they’re rolling out a new initiative to help make a number of beaches in the province more accessible for people of all abilities.

Non-slip mobi-mats have been placed along beaches in several Manitoba Parks, making it easier for all visitors to access the sand and water, including elderly Manitobans, parents who have strollers, and those who use walkers and wheelchairs. So far mobi-mats have been installed at Birds Hill Provincial Park, Clearwater Lake, Falcon Lake, Grand Beach, Lundar Beach, Rainbow Beach, Spruce Woods, Sunset Shores Beach in St. Malo, Winnipeg Beach.

First proclaimed in 2020, MAAW brings Manitobans together to raise awareness about accessibility issues, and celebrate equal access and opportunities for people with disabilities. This year’s theme will focus on creating a culture of accessibility in the workplace, but Families Minister Rochelle Squires, who is responsible for accessibility in the province, says everyone benefits when people with disabilities can fully participate in all aspects of our society.

Manitoba Access Awareness Week events have been planned in partnership with the Manitoba Accessibility Advisory Network.

This year the province also opened a $20 million fund to provide grants to organizations and municipalities working to make changes to reduce barriers to accessing their services.

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