50,000 at-risk Manitobans Can Get Tested for Diabetes

Get Tested for Diabetes

WINNIPEG - November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and Dynacare is partnering with Diabetes Canada on the largest diabetes wellness initiative Manitoba has ever seen. The goal is to screen 50,000 at-risk Manitobans for diabetes using the A1C (blood sugar) test from Oct. 29 to Dec. 7th. This would be almost a 56 per cent increase from the number of tests administered during the same period in 2017.

Additionally, Dynacare will make a 50-cent donation to Diabetes Canada for every test completed at a Dynacare location in Manitoba, up to a total of $25,000, during the campaign. This initiative comes at no cost to Manitoba Health, Seniors and Active Living as it is fully funded by Dynacare, including the cost of all additional A1C tests ordered.

Dynacare and Diabetes Canada encourage Manitobans that have never been tested for diabetes to start the process by assessing your risk factors. If you have risk factors, or are experiencing symptoms, you should consult with your doctor.

If you are concerned about your risk factors for diabetes and are unable to consult with a doctor in advance, Dynacare can still help. Until Dec. 7, Manitobans can walk into one of Dynacare’s locations in Manitoba, where staff will collect some information and provide a requisition for an A1C test if you do not already have one from your primary care physician. Doctors who receive abnormal test results (high blood sugar) typically contact their patients directly to arrange a consultation. Those participants without a family physician will be contacted by the campaign doctor if their results are high. Patients who receive a requisition from the campaign doctor will receive a mailed copy with their results.

Please visit diabetes.ca/dynacare.ca for more information on this initiative.

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