161 COVID Tickets Last Week

161 COVID Tickets Last Week

WINNIPEG - The province is reporting 150 COVID-19 warnings and 161 tickets last week.

• 144 $1,296 tickets to individuals in relation to gatherings in private residences or outdoors;

• nine $298 tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places;

• one $5,150 ticket to an individual for the Federal Quarantine Act;

• one $5,000 ticket to a business; and

• six warrants issued to repeat offenders (max penalty of $100,000).

This is the highest number of tickets since enforcement began in April of 2020.

Officials continue to investigate several recent large gatherings and rallies and more chargfes are expected.

Since enforcement efforts began, a total of 4,508 warnings and 1,681 tickets have been issued, resulting in over $2.3 million in fines to businesses and individuals.

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