A Special "Meet These Manitobans"

A Special "Meet These Manitobans"

WINNIPEG, MB - When people talk about Winnipeg we always seem to hear the same things, "Coldest City in North America", "Pot Hole Capital of Canada", "home of the Winnipeg Jets - again". We never hear about the many successful daughters and sons of the city.

We want to change that with our weekly feature titled, "Do You Know These Famous Manitobans?" Every Sunday morning we will feature two people born in Winnipeg that have worked hard and made themselves a success in their chosen field.

This week is extra special. Given the recent events on a highway in Saskatchewan we want to be sure you knew these two special Manitoban's.

The first is Winnipeg born Matthieu Gomercic.

A Special

Matthieu is a member of the Humboldt Broncos, he was on the bus when it crashed. Matthew suffered non-life threatening injuries. Matthieu is 20-years-old, and in his second and final season with the Humboldt Broncos. He played two seasons with the Steinbach Pistons in 2014 to 2016.

The second is Tom Cochrane. It's really no secret Tom is Manitoban. He had a highway named after him and always makes time for his home. This week Tom did an extra special performance, one that he didn't want to do at first.

A Special

Tom reworked the lyrics of his song “Big League” for a special performance honouring the Humboldt Broncos.

It wasn't hard to associate the lyrics with the 15 people who were killed in that highway accident and the fourteen other people who were injured.

Here's Manitoba's Tom Cochrane singing that song that has so much more meaning today.

Please share with us names and details of people you think we should feature, a person you think the entire city really should get to know more about. You can e-mail kevin@manitobapost.com.

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