Vancouver Casino Doesn't Allow Drake to Play

Casino Says No to Drake

VANCOUVER — A Vancouver casino says it "categorically" stands against racism after Drake accused it of "profiling" him.

In a post on Instagram, the Toronto rapper called Parq Vancouver "the worst run business" he has ever witnessed.

He says the casino did not allow him to gamble, despite his providing "everything they originally asked" him for.

Drake didn’t elaborate and his representatives declined to comment further.

Following Drake’s post, Parq Vancouver’s website was flooded with negative comments, with one user saying, "It’s 2018 not 1945."

In a pair of statements on Saturday that did not name Drake, the casino first said it was "actively investigating" the incident, then apologized for what it called "the experience our customer had."

"We are operating in one of the most complex, highly regulated industries and are always looking to better our communication and customer service," casino president Joe Brunini said in a statement.

"We are constantly improving our communications process to ensure that these new regulations are better understood by all guests."

Under rules that took effect in January, casinos in B.C. are required "to gather detailed information on the source of player funds for all transactions of $10,000 or more," according to the provincial gambling regulator.

"Effective today, all cash and bank draft/certified cheque buy−ins for $10,000 or more, in one or more transactions within a 24−hour period, will require a source of funds receipt," the British Corporation Lottery Corporation said in a statement Jan. 10.

"The original receipt must be from the same day of the transaction and show the financial institution, branch number and account number."

In the wake of Drake’s allegations, Brunini said the casino was "committed to having a productive conversation to resolve this issue.

"We categorically stand against racism of any kind. We are committed to providing a safe, secure and enjoyable experience for all," he said.

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Vancouver Casino Doesn't Allow Drake to Play

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