Strange but True Crime News - Man Tries to Steal Unmarked Police Car

Man Tries to Steal Unmarked Police Car

Strange but True Crime News - A would be car thief gets quite a surprise when he opens the door to car he wanted to steal.

We go to Haltom, Texas where it was about 5:15 AM still dark and little chilly for Texas, below zero. Two men in a black Ford Mustang showed great interest in a running car outside a home in the northwest part of the city.

Much to their misfortune, Haltom City Detective Tony Miller was sitting in the unmarked police car.

“I hadn’t been in the car but a minute, and I saw this car drive by, turn around and park right alongside me on the street,” Miller said.

“I thought this wasn’t going to turn out good, so I pulled out my gun and waited.”

“The passenger got out, came up to the door and wiped frost off my window,” he said. “He may not have been able to see inside, so he opened my front door.

“When he looked inside, I said, ‘Police! Show me your hands.’ ”

The man immediately fled and the mustang drove off. Moments later the driver of the Mustang hit a telephone poll.

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