Brandon Crime Report - March 8

Brandon Crime Report

BRANDON, MB. - A disturbance between a male and female involved in a domestic relationship resulted in arrests. Police responded to an incident where a female reported being punched in the mouth and her male partner reported being punched twice in the eye by the female. The 28 year old female and 25 year old male were both arrested for Domestic Assault and released to attend court in April. Neither one was seriously injured.

A male reported to the police that he was just beaten up and robbed of his prescription medication at a home on 2nd Street.Police visited the home and discovered the suspect hiding underneath a bed. He was intoxicated and was under condition to observe a curfew and abstain form alcohol. The 19-year old man was arrested for Robbery and Breach of Recognizance X2.

Brandon Police located a female youth who had run away from her foster home after they received information that she was at a local hotel. She was found in the company of an adult male who was on a Recognizance with conditions to not possess any weapons, not to consume alcohol, not to possess any drugs and to consent to a search of his person and residence. A search of the hotel room recovered a small bag containing 1 gram of methamphetamine, a bag containing 14 grams of marihuana and an ASP baton. The 30-year-old man from Brandon was arrested for Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Marihuana and Breach of Recognizance X3. The man was lodged at the Brandon Correctional Center and is scheduled to appear in Court on Wednesday.

A 17-year old female youth who was previously involved in an adult male being arrested for Uttering Threats and Obtaining Sexual Services from a Person Under 18 years of age, was arrested by police after they learned that she sent a message to the male suspect offering to make the charges go away in exchange for cash. The 17-year-old female youth was arrested for Obstruct Justice and Extortion. She was released to attend Court in April.

Laura Manning, Manitoba Post

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