Beware of Counterfeit Money in Brandon

Counterfeit Money in Brandon

BRANDON, MB - Brandon Police say they have received reports of counterfeit money being used in the city.

Police are investigating several incidents of concerning counterfeit money being passed. The most recent occurrences have been using $100 bills. These bills were designed as a training aid and have foreign languages stamped on the bills. The recent trend has shown that individuals have been cutting out the language stamp and replacing it with security features from a lower denomination bill. Typically, a small item is purchased with the counterfeit note and the suspect receiving change back in legitimate currency.

Police are warning that if you work in the retail industry, please check all bills before accepting them. If you suspect the money is counterfeit after a transaction, please call police.

It is important to remember that the person in possession of the counterfeit money may be an innocent victim and does not know the money is counterfeit.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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